Weekend Fun

The boys were pretty sicky this weekend and Saturday I was feeling the blahs to.  So there’s no great long list of what we did on Saturday.  We did not go to swimming, we did not clean, we did not organize, we did not getting ready for the construction to begin this week.  Instead we kept a baby boys face as clean as possible despite his runny nose, watched Gilmore Girls, knitted, played video games, laid around on the living room floor while Indie played, only went out for groceries, bought pizza again.

We made up for it on Sunday though.  Eric pulled the remaining cabinets out of the kitchen.  We found some interesting things.  #1 we found where the mouse was living that we had earlier this year. #2 behind the cabinets we found this weird collection of balls and toys behind the cabinets.  The rectangle where the toys are in the picture below was completely boxed in by cabinets so we’re really mistified as to what happened.

Indie seems to be on the mend, but he definitely had not left the house in several days so he and I went for adventures in the afternoon while Eric was demoing the kitchen.  We went to Toys R Us and purchased all stuffy nose items that were available for an almost one year old.  Theres not that many.  Even worse is the little cough he has going on.  If he’s still coughing today, it’s time for a call to the doctor’s office today.  Then we finally picked up Zombieland!  And off to Target, our favourite.  We finally picked up a shelf for the bathroom and just generally walked around to give Eric more time on the kitchen. I picked up some baby soothing rub stuff for Indie and he was in love with the little square box it came in.  He played with it in the store and then when I was about to throw it away later in the evening, I heard a little boy protesting and so Indie fulfills all baby stereotypes that the box is much more interesting than the toy (not that there was a toy in this particulary box, but he did choose to play with it all evening instead of any of his toys).

Little story about the hat: It started as a leg warmer, which I decided to switch to a hat after I finished the ribbed portion. I thought for sure I had made it big enough for Indie, but clearly I did not and I did not purposefully make it have a little point on the top. 🙂 But I thought it was pretty funny after I put it on him so I had to take pictures.

A certain little boy also did not nap this afternoon.  So he had been awake since noon, which means we need to do something super entertaining in the evening to make it through without tears.  Usually we go for bathtime.  This kiddo LOVES water! Even more exciting is that he had his first really big boy bath in the tub without the baby tub.  At first he kicked too hard and almost fell over, but then he realized that he needed to keep himself stable.  He had a grand time and slid all over the tub and kicked and played with the bubbles.  Of course then he got too comfortable and tried to stand up so bathtime was over.  That’s the rule, when you stand up, it means you want out of the bath. 

Hope you all had an adventurous weekend and didn’t have the sickies in your house!



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2 responses to “Weekend Fun

  1. bernadette hoyt

    could be the cutest pics ever!! the hat is so so cute…it is just perfect the way it is…looks quite punk-ish! and the box…he is too funny…looks very focused on this square thing! i do remember the days he screamed during his tubby … and now he loves the water!!

    hope all goes well this week with the kitchen !

    glad you all are feeling better. what did the dr say about indie’s coughing?

    be well…be safe…enjoy your week:)

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