Terrible Tuesday

This week terrible tuesday if featuring a little something I call, when knitting goes wrong. not kid friendly just an FYI before you click the link: yikes

Creativity or a scaring life experience, you decide.



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3 responses to “Terrible Tuesday

  1. bernadette hoyt

    omg….that is outrageous!! somehow we must get that pic to aunt denise and carleen….the comments will be toooooo funny! who does that and why??

    my tuesday has started by oversleeping! i should be at the gym right now but instead i am drinking my coffee!! another work out bites the dust! good thing your dad woke me up cuz i’d be snooz’n!!

  2. fran dunlap

    ok– i know y’all have a rather crazy side, but the pink bodysuits are way out there! the human detail is hysterical!!!
    R & B have been known for their hats over the years … is this the new 21st century remake of the fashion statement!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??
    btw – Indy is ADORABLE!!!!
    thanks for sharing!
    i’m taking the day to plan a trip to Florida — i’m SO done with winter!!

  3. that is just wrong. on so many levels. I forgot it was Tuesday, maybe that is why my mojo for life is down today:)

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