Weekend Fun

We had another really busy weekend.  But even when the weekend is busy, it still feels good to have gotten so much done at home in only two days.

Let’s start with Saturday:

  • First we went swimming.  Indie is really starting to enjoy swimming and was quite a character this week. And then he was sooooooooooo tired.  See sleepy lunch photos below.
  • Eric and I busted ass getting the house ready for construction to begin on the kitchen this week.  Eric pulled out the cabinets and vacuumed the house.  He also set up the dining room with some of our kitchen stuff so we don’t just have to eat microwaved and carry out food for a month.
  • I cleaned out the sewing room and reorganized.  Eric did carry heaving tables downstairs for me.
  • Lots of general cleaning of the house went on. 🙂


  • I moved all remaining sewing room items either downstairs or a few items to one side of the room so Eric could vacuum while Indie and I were out for the morning.
  • Indie and I went out shopping and Eric finished vacuuming and working on the cabinets.
  • We moved the futon upstairs to the now guest room instead of sewing room. 🙂  That was a treat.  I’m not super strong so it was pretty hilarious.
  • Then I went a little nutty again and decided I just couldn’t live with my messy bathroom and cleaned that.

Both nights we had pizza rolls and wine.  Oh we are naughty! And don’t worry I’ve taken before pictures of the kitchen so that when we’re done I’ll post before and after


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One response to “Weekend Fun

  1. bernadette hoyt

    quick response before my day starts cruising…

    wow…you guys are amazing!! that’s a lot of pent up winter energy!!

    and i do believe you burned off the naughty yet oh so yummy pizza…. and the wine…it’s a necessity!!

    indie bear looks so cute when he is tired 🙂

    kitchen and your house is going to be amazing when spring hits! so i get to sleep upstairs now??

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