Cleaning and Organizing Rampage

Sometimes I go a little crazy.  Lately my weekend crazies have been focused on cleaning and organizing the house.  We’re getting ready to remodel the kitchen and I think it’s set me into overdrive on thinking how messy everything will be for a few weeks.  Also, I’m blaming it on Wisconsin winter.  I think I’ve officially cracked and have severe cabin fever.  It’s like I can’t get enough stuff out of my living space to make it feel open enough.  I appreciate my lovely husband putting up with spending only a little time with me on the weekends because I’m spending the rest of the time moving, organizing, and throwing things away.  But on a plus note, there is not one spot of dust on the DVD collection. 🙂


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  1. bernadette hoyt

    ah yes…cleaning and organizing are a great way to expend pent up energy from the winter blahs!! cuz spring is coming and then there are other things to do…so you are using your time wisely!! but do remember to give your dear hubby your warmest regards 🙂

    and your kitchen will remember to live, laugh and love 🙂

    we wore mr big out today with a 2mile walk. he did well with the other dogs. was aggressive at first but then we did some voice commands and he did real well. oh yes..tired dogs are good dogs:)

    are you doing a st pats theme for indy’s bday?? if so…i am loving all the st pats stuff at the stores…can i help in any way with either st pat theme or another theme??

    dust on!!!

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