Terrible Tuesday

So I’ve decided to embrace and maybe even celebrate my hate of Tuesday with a little blog feature I like to call Terrible Tuesday.  On Terrible Tuesday I will share with you something that I think is terrible that I have found during the week.  It may be something on the interwebs or a little story, whatever.  As long as I think it’s terrible.

The first feature in this series is a little YouTube video I happened upon from some pregnancy workout video from the early 90s.  It’s the Preggo Shuffle Rap

Sorry there was no imbedding so I had to just link out.  Oh it’s ridonkulous!



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5 responses to “Terrible Tuesday

  1. bernadette hoyt

    well…the preggo shuffle just made my tuesday!!

    my sucky tuesday started in the er!! last night about 9pm i went into what i thought was a low blood sugar episode…but i couldn’t get it to stop…i was up all night with jitters ect. so come 7am i couldn’t take it anymore and off to the er we go. test, bw, o2, heart monitor and everything is just swell! i did go in with a elevated bp but it went down within the first hour there. so they release me!

    but i still am very anxious and jittery during the day and it became worse tonight. i have eaten well today but only slept 2 hrs. i am more than tired!! so your dad and i were thinking of some of our patients and after surgeries there bodies went into an anxious state…no sleep for days, mood swings….craziness. and i think i am in that mode. so i am taking some airplane meds tonight and see if i can get me body to settle down….jeez!!

    but did go for a job interview today and will be working soon…just would love this post trauma surgical crap to be gone like now!

    then watched the preggo shuffle and laughed my tush off….i remember aunt denise wearing sunglasses like that!!!

    so tuesday had a rough start but is ending on a much better note…whew!

  2. oh tuesday. the only good thing about it is it gets you to hump day:) LOL at the crazy video! who thought that one up I wonder?

  3. bernadette hoyt

    a note :
    airplane medicine worked..slept all night

    i am happy to have gotten a job but will miss being home

    happy hump day!! we’re almost there!!

  4. bernadette hoyt

    hey linz …
    go to handmade childhood blog on your links and check out the the purl bee and the wallaby sweater…very cute!

    ps…how is the kitchen going??

    pssss…mr big seems a little out of sorts today. he is acting like he has done something wrong…and he has been the best pupper. a little needy…but he did enjoy his walk.

  5. bernadette hoyt

    omg…another annoying post….but
    check out create loves blog on your links and check out #5 katies giraffes….toooooooooooo cute!!

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