Weekend Update with Lindsay

So we had a very productive weekend or actually I kind of lost my mind and went on a bit of a cleaning rampage.  I think it’s the weather.  We’ve been trapped indoors for months.  damn you snow and freezing temperatures!  It’s either be inside in the messy unorganized house or be at the store buying more things to stuff into this house.  I just want to be outside!  Has Wisconsin finally gotten to me?  Next year we need to take up an outside winter sport of some sort and get appropriate clothes and just spend some time in the sunshine.  Anyways I’ll take you through what I accomplished over the weekend.


  • We always start Saturday at the pool for swimming lessons.  Indie did so good this week.  I think we’ve figured out that the key to happy swimming lessons is a toy to hold onto.  Indie “swam” under the water this week.  He seemed quite onboard with the concept.  He also seems to have finally warmed up to Frank the instructor which I think may have made Frank’s day. Poor Frank, the kids always cry when they go over to Frank because they’re little kids and they’re moving away from their parents.
  • Then I went crazy….. I started with cleaning the den downstairs.  Now the den is where we spend the majority of our time.  It is a very lived in space.  There’s a shelf that runs around the entire room and the room is 500 square feet so quite alot of shelf.  This shelf is the death of organization in this room.  Along one  and a half walls the shelf holds our DVDs and BlueRays (yes we have a movie problem), these have not been dusted since we moved in 2.5 almost 3 years ago and I couldn’t take it anymore.  I dusted every DVD, removed it from the shelf and dusted the entire shelf.  Then I dusted the stand with the PS3 and receiver, etc.  That had a giant layer of dust on it.  I then cleaned off the entire rest of the shelf around the room.  Ah!  Such a feeling of less clutter.  happy happy!  We are storing the yard sale stuff in that room right now so there is a giant pile of clutter, but knowing that it’s not permanent makes it managable.
  • Then I decided that one of the best ways to work on organizing and decluttering my sewing room was to just start sewing.  Actually half of my sewing stuff lives in the den right now and then a giant mess of it in a room upstairs.  I don’t use my sewing room upstairs because it’s right next to Indie’s room and I generally sew when he’s napping on the weekend.  I also lack the ability to do anything quietly so it doesn’t work out.  So we’re planning to move my sewing stuff into the workout room where we have a guest bed right now and then move the guest bed upstairs.  Anyways. I had a very crafty weekend.  On Saturday I made Indie a new snow suit, fleecey pants and some baby sized napkins because what baby doesn’t need their own set up napkins?
  • oh and I did some work on actually working through the sewing room upstairs, but that’s quite a project.


  • Worked on the sewing room quite a bit. Decided it’s time to get rid of all the vintage patterns that I’m never going to use.  As well as some material and trims.  Watch out etsy and ebay, next weekend I’m going to be doing some posting!  Also, moved out a half put together shelf that’s been taking up massive amounts of space in the closet in there.  I had previously decided I did not like that shelf.  Did a good amount of emptying the space, but as I previously said I’m not awesome at doing things quietly and since the baby bear needed to sleep I had to stop organizing.  I plan to finish that next weekend and maybe we’ll do some moving around of furniture and spaces.
  • Took The Cheat to get groomed.  I couldn’t take it anymore and I didn’t want to give him a bath because I hate how all the hair gets in the bathtub, gross!  We also got his teeth brushed.  I ran some errands while he got prettied up.
  • Indie and I made a we love you card for Eric.  For valentine’s day and because he needed to hear it today.  Crafting with babies is hard work!
  • Sewed some more.  I made a shirt for me and I made a St. Patrick’s day inspired banner for Indie’s upcoming b’day party.

Then I finally sat down at the end of the evening and we celebrated Valentine’s day by eating way too much pizza, cheesecake and over indulging in wine.  All and all a good weekend.  Also, the baby bear is such a sweetie lately and he’s really enjoying baby babbling.  It’s so cute!  We actually managed to read a few books together this weekend.

*sorry no pictures in this post, I was too busy working to realize that I should have done some before and after shots.


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  1. bernadette hoyt

    organizing is what feb is for….or is it for a trip to the tropics..hmmmm??? anyhoot, since you took the first option, you have done quite a bit my dear!! i know it seems silly to dust like you did…. but that is a very worthwhile job which has a tendency not to get the praise it deserves….so well done linz! you will love your sewing room downstairs. your yard sale is going to rock!!

    ps…a rabbit trail….it snowed this morning and i had to drag mr big out into it!!! he did eventually do what he was out there for, then ran back to the house….how dare grandma make him do as dogs do 🙂

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