Messy Car Takes Revenge

A little story from my morning commute.  Unlike most mornings, I actually had to go into Madison this morning.  I was intending to write a different post about my morning commute where I say hey, did you know that Maury Povich is 71 years old?  Crazy right?  Then I was going to comment on how I actually like the new Pearl Jam song despite my hatred of Pearl Jam on a general level.  Then I was going to complain about personalized license plates.

However, as I was exiting the Beltline onto Whitney Way, I heard a loud bang.  I was pretty sure someone had probably shot me for some unbeknownst reason and whatever this residue was that was all over the front of the car was my blood and guts.  This was not the case.  In fact what had happened is that there was an unopened can of soda in my car and I live in Wisconsin.  This can of soda had proceeded to freeze and then explode.  So far soda was only on the ceiling and the passengers seat so I thought whew, not so bad I can clean that up.  The can’s structural integrity had been damaged so badly by the frozen soda that it then proceeded to explode further and bust completely open throwing the rest of the frozen soda at the dashboard, windshield and me.  At this point, covered in frozen soda which was completely my fault, there was nothing left to do but laugh.  So this is a lesson that should have been learned a while ago as I have experienced the frozen soda explosion outside of the car earlier this winter, but I think the even bigger lesson to learn here is that perhaps my car should not be so messy that I can’t tell there’s an unopened can of soda sitting next to me.

How was your morning?



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3 responses to “Messy Car Takes Revenge

  1. bernadette hoyt

    i am laughing so hard!!! it must have been like fireworks going off inside your vehicle!! it would have made a great video!! good thing indie wasn’t with you….he may have gotten hit by this flying soda can and he would have been screaming from the noise! do yourself a favor…get the stuff out of the car…do a cabinet like cleansing and then take it to the dudes that detail cars…worth every penny!! your dad did that with the jeep which was way nastier than your car …. but now you do have sticky soda all over it!!! it can be a happy valentine day to linz! good thing it didn’t crack the windows or knock you out!! i am still laughing 🙂

  2. lol!!! this is hilarious!

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