My Husband Says Amazing Things

My husband has a knack for wit and humour.  I must admit I am jealous and find it hard to keep up with him at home, particularly when I’m tired.  I must also admit that many times I steal his not so racy jokes and use them at work.  Hence at work I am the funny and witty one.  At home I’m more of the accidental comic when I either a. misunderstand something b. say something completely stupid or c. trip fall and hurt myself in some fashion. 

This is my favourite conversation I’ve had with my husband lately.  This occured while my mom was here and we were cleaning out the kitchen getting ready for the remodel.

Me to Eric: Wow we really have a spice and vinegar problem.

Eric to me: Really we have that much vinegar?

Me to Eric: Yes, we have like 12 different kinds.

Eric to me: Oh that must mean we’re doing well.  Do you think poor people have that much vinegar?

Oh how I love his outlook on life!



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2 responses to “My Husband Says Amazing Things

  1. bernadette hoyt

    now for the story before the story. linz was cleaning out cabinets and checking dates on all the cans, bags, and boxes…some were ditched and some where packed. then eric comes in and gets involved in helping with this process. during his visit to the cabinet cleansing, linz came across several cans of mandarin oranges dated from 2006 or some very outdated time. and eric proceeds to give linz a hard time about her mandarin orange tangent and then the conversation becomes hysterical with izisms, wit and laughter!

    so eric returns downstairs after we throw him out of the kitchen and linz then discovers several bottles of Asian, Mediterranean, and other scary looking bottles of vinegars and spices! so linz goes downstairs with the box of these items to put them in storage for now while the kitchen is being remodeled. she returns with a smile, shaking her head and tells me the eric story…and he has said this straight faced and doesn’t even blink an eye!!

    that’s my son in law!! remember to live this week like it’s shark week 🙂

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