Weekend Fun

It’s back to work today, but we really lived it up this weekend.  My mom was in town and it was lovely.  Not only did we find time for alot of fun, we also found time to get alot done around the house. Indie had very few naps this weekend, but powered through like a champ and didn’t even have any breakdowns while we were out and about.

Saturday was swimming lessons. We had a few tears as lessons started, but then we warmed up and had a good time in the pool.  Due to running a little later, mommy may had been a little too excited about putting our little faces in the water as soon as the froggy song started which was while we were walking into the pool.  So lesson learned: it’s better to get to swimming early.

Then we played alot on Saturday.  Oh how I do love my boys.  Look at both of those faces!

Eric and I took advantage of mom being here and went to Menards to buy flooring for the kitchen and went out to dinner sans baby.  We did miss him quite a bit, but realized that it’s much faster to buy flooring when it’s just the two of us. 🙂 

Sunday mom and I took Indie to playgroup.  This Sunday we had playgroup at a big open gym.  Kind of crazy on the weekend, but lots of fun.  Indie had a fantastic time.  His favourite activity was walking around holding a ball and yelling.  Of course, everyone else was yelling so he fit right in.  Good times!

Then we did alot of working on clearing out the kitchen.  The cabinets are empty and ready to pull out.  We had lots of fun discovering really old food in our cabinets.  Gross! Then we finished off the evening with pizza!

We’re sad that mom is leaving today.  I’m a little extra sad because she’s taking one of dog’s, Mr. Big with her.  Chihuahuas and Wisconsin winter and babies do not equal happiness so we’re sending him to warm TN.

Here are some of my other fave pix from the weekend:

Nothing is better than baby laughs.  You haven’t experienced what true joy can sound like unless you’ve heard baby laughs. I like to think specifically if you haven’t heard Indie’s baby laughs.

Look at how mischievous that little face is.  I’m in for it, aren’t I?

That’s right, Indie is a fan of stadium rock.  He likes to run back and forth in his crib.  The mattress provides a new challenge for walking on.

And mommy and Indie!



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3 responses to “Weekend Fun

  1. bernadette hoyt

    oh as i see these pics i just want to get back in the car and go back and hear those baby laughs…indie is so cute!! i love the pic of indie and eric growling at each other…oh those two are so funny together!! and i love the swim pic of you and indy…he does love to run around with his mom on weekends…shop till ya drop!! i got home before the snow flies…the trip was long but all went well and i love books on cd…they rock! mr big and cousins are doing well and will keep you posted. thanks for a great time….miss you guys already and look forward indie’s birthday and new kitchen 🙂

  2. bernadette hoyt

    now we do need to post some eric-isms!!

    what was the vinegar response?? that is a great ism!!

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