On the road again

This week I’m in Dayton, Ohio.  I just get to spend all kinds of time in Ohio.  It’s not the most glamorous location, but that’s okay because it allows for one thing in particular: no distractions so I can get alot of work done!  This is definitely needed this week for several reasons: 1) Mom is coming into town this weekend most likely so I don’t want to have to play any catch up with work and 2) I need to spend all free time this weekend/at the end of this week to get the house ready.  Most likely construction will begin in the kitchen on Monday so that means we need to get a few things in order.  Whew!  Lots going on at the Hoy-Vinson house this coming month.  Should be exciting!



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2 responses to “On the road again

  1. bernadette hoyt

    yes it’s on the road again. i’m driving up and leaving tomorrow, weds!! don’t worry about clean sheets ect…i have an extra set, will bring my pillow and my down comforter! you have enough to prepare for this weekend, like the kitchen…which is going to be amazing when it gets done! so keep me in prayer as i travel north by myself. ps…having small dog crates delivered to your house…so to bring the mr big home! will need his shot records, food bowl and one of his favorite blanket and toy!

  2. fun times this weekend! Always a little crazy with construction but so worth it in the end:) Lena is excited to possibly see Indie on the computer via skype while nana is there!

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