Weekend Fun

We’ve had a pretty busy weekend this weekend.  Here’s what we accomplished:

1. I finished my quilt top for my couch snuggle quilt.  I’ve been debating if I should attempt to actually quilt this or not.  I’m thinking I won’t and I’ll take it to the quilt shop next weekend. I wish I had used more colours instead of just using three, but whatevs I’m happy with it.

2.  The little man was such a good kiddo this weekend.  He missed quite a few naps, but was sweet and well behaved as we spent many hours at Home Depot.  We also spent some time at Babies ‘R Us since we were on Madison’s east side.  We picked up some new bibs that are thankfully not cloth!  Cloth bibs are a bitch to keep clean, but plasticy = happy!

3. We are officially on our way to remodeling the kitchen.  We actually bought our cabinets this weekend.  Cabinets are by far the most expensive portion of the kitchen so I should no longer be freaking out over how much it’s going to cost.  Don’t worry we’ll take before and after pictures.  In the meantime, here’s a picture of the cabinets we bought.  We’re thinking a light grey countertop and grey floors that are stoney inspired (probably will do vinyl though and not actually stone. It’s exciting! 



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3 responses to “Weekend Fun

  1. bernadette hoyt

    plastic would be better material for bibs..esp with indie who does take his meal time quite seriously!

    do love the kitchen cabinets…you can give this design a modern twist and that will go well with your house…that does have that modern twist going on.

  2. bernadette hoyt

    ps..i like the quilt in big block design. bring it to the quilt shop and they can quilt it for you. it will be durable and washable and snugly. or you could do a simple knot quilt or go all out and quilt it yourself!!

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