Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

Yesterday was Indie’s first swimming lessons.  We had a blast.  He was not afraid of the water at all.  We just walked right into the pool.  It did take him a bit to warm up to having fun though.  He was very very serious at first and clung to me like a like little monkey, but after a few minutes he realized it was like a giant bathtub and he could splash.  And splash he did!

What I discovered about parent and tot swimming classes is that it definitely seems to be a dad thing to do with the kids.  So, it was me and a bunch of guys. Quite funny and very much the opposite of what I expected.  Also, the class is taught by Frank.  Frank is qutie hillarious and I would guess late teens/early twenties.  Also, not afraid of kids at all, he would just take the kiddos and then have them swim back to us. 

I think Indie might be a natural.  He had the kicking down whenever he was going back floats or swimming back and forth between people.  I failed at getting a picture of him this week, but promise to get one of him in his trunks next week!



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3 responses to “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

  1. bernadette hoyt

    yes, you and the boys…you do better with the male gender anyways!! and you were a natural at swimming once you got over the thought of fear and realized i can do this and do it well. this is a great winter activity for you and indy. what are the ages of the other kids? have fun next saturday and remember to take pix! and next year nana will take indie bear to the ocean. hey, maybe for a dec vacation we could go some place warm and ocean side as part of your sabbatical!! or could you extend the sabbatical time into say next feb when the weather is really getting on our nerves?? we could do disneyworld as a family reunion…say in early march of next year!

  2. lol…frank:) the mental picture from this post is cracking me up! So glad you had fun and Indie loved it!

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