Tonight I decided to be lazy. It all started because I thought I was going to have to work tonight because I had so much left to do at work at about noon today.  But then I kicked work’s ass and realized that actually I am ahead on work.  WHAT?!?! Never happens!  Don’t tell anyone! So I started daydreaming about what fun I could have at home tonight.  I’m pretty sure that all that planning completely wore me out and that I lost all motivation to do anything remotely resembling constructive.  Well, other than tickle the silliest baby in the world. So I decided to be lazykins. I have been laying/lounging in bed since about 7 PM watching Almost Famous and reading blogs.  I know, crazy right?!

Maybe I’ll go do dishes now to make up for being lazykins.


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One response to “Lazykins

  1. bernadette hoyt

    nothing better than lazy days! good for you 🙂

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