Reset for the day

Quite literally my first thought for the day today was “ugh it’s only Tuesday, what the eff?” followed by “shut the eff up alarm clock!”

Clearly this does not fall in line with trying to be more positive.  That being said, I’m taking my thoughts of it’s only Tuesday and trying to say it’s Tuesday, what’s fantastic about that? Here’s what I came up with:

  • There’s still plenty of time to maybe drop a pound or two prior to Indie’s first swimming lesson on Saturday AM
  • There’s still 4 days left in the work week to clean up all my backlogs and start fresh next week (how great would that feeling be?)
  • There’s time to finish up all the laundry and 100% get our room organized before the weekend so we can move to the next room
  • 4 more evenings of hanging out with the family and watching Indie be super silly
  • 3 more days before I have to get all the bills together for the month

Plenty to be happy about! It’s all about taking the ugh it’s only Tuesday and making it into hurray it’s Tuesday and there’s still time for so much!


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One response to “Reset for the day

  1. bernadette hoyt

    so very positive and insightful! and tomorrow is weds …. hump day and then it’s almost friday!! please let us know how indie likes swimming lessons!!

    what room is next??

    we are getting excited about mr big coming home…been telling kaiser that he is going to love his older little brother and ubu is going to be jazzed!

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