Being Positive

A certain, well loved someone in my life brought it to my attention (in much nicer words than what I’m about to say) that maybe I’m a little whiney and complainy when it comes to work.  So, I’m going to try to make myself post something positive about my day whenever I blog here and perhaps on Facebook updates.  Maybe if I start forcing myself to think positively it will make a world of difference.  It definitely can’t hurt.  So here we go for today: I’m reading a book on how to be more efficient at work and to get rid of backlogs and the stress that comes from those.  In my particular line of work the biggest backlog I face is email.  At the beginning of the week last week I had 1700 messages in my in box.  I had already read all of these at least once.  Many of them had been acted on, some needed just to be deleted, other needed to be filed for information in the future and yet others required some action from me.  So based on the advice from my book, I’m taking the do it now approach to my email and processing it only once.  well, that’s the goal anyways.  I think I may be a believer in this system and will tell of its glories far and wide because as of today I have 19 messages in my in box.  The vast majority of these are waiting for someone to reply to me to finish up the work or they are batched into a bigger task that I am taking on tomorrow morning.  More importantly, I have this few emails in my in box while only spending an hour out of my day processing all of them.  Email victory!  (I’m sure that was a really thrilling segment for all of you who do not know the frustration of receiving 300 – 500 emails a day to process without an administrative assistant).


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  1. bernadette hoyt

    good job on the email situation…wow you do deal with a ton of email!! sounds like this is a worthwhile process and is being very effective! so very positive 🙂

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