Sunday Night School Anxiety

I am suffering from Sunday night school anxiety.  I am wanting to soak up every last minute of being at home and the last few hours of irresponsibiliy, but I have a cloud of dread looming about for what tomorrow brings.  The funny thing is that work much like school is much worse on Sunday night than it ever turns out to be on Monday.  By the end of the day on Monday I think “that wasn’t so bad.  Next week I’ll be sure to remember that and I won’t fret on Sunday night.”  But alas, I find myself again worrying and fretting about Monday.  I would like to expand this by saying that I always enjoyed school for the most part and wish that I was going to school tomorrow and not work.  I know I spend a significant amount of time whining about work here and so I’m attempting to get a better outlook on life and work and realize that it’s not really so bad.  I do enjoy achieving and getting things accomplished so what would I do without work?  I think I’m mainly tired of the traveling aspect. ah well!  Perhaps I’ll go accomplish a bit more with my hobbies and I’ll feel better about work tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Sunday Night School Anxiety

  1. bernadette hoyt

    yeh…i work for 2hrs in the am 1.5hrs in the afternoon in farragut which is 25 miles from my house, not worth my hourly wage to travel back and forth so i need to get up early (cuz i am so tired from painting, cleaning and doing laundry on my only day off) to get my shower in, shopping list together so i can be productive in farragut for the 4 hrs i will be hanging there and i also need to get up early to gather my lunch and gym stuff together!! sundays are so short and the week so long but it gets the job done and such is life…so enjoy the moment and tomorrow will take care of itself!!

  2. bernadette hoyt

    ps …. i love the title of this blog!!

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