10 Months

The little man turns 10 months today!  It’s hard to believe it’s already been 10 months, but it also feels like he’s been with us for forever.  So here’s the news on what Indie is up to:

  • He’s an expert growler
  • He can now walk without holding on to anything!  I think the most steps in a row so far has been about 7
  • He’s very good at standing up and balancing without holding onto anything
  • We’ve moved on to little bites of food instead of strictly mashed
  • Indie is much more talkative. Lots of dada and mama.  How I heart that baby voice
  • Almost forgot to add that he is now insistent that he must hold his own bottle or cup


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2 responses to “10 Months

  1. bernadette hoyt

    oh please use your video camera and get a clip of that growling and walking!! i don’t if i can wait till march to see you guys! i also love that baby voice…it makes my day when lena calls and can now hold a conversation with me…i can’t wait until indie calls me!!! wow…just 2 short months and indie will be a year old!

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