Ridiculous Diet

I’ve decided to do a ridiculous diet for the  next two weeks.  I fell subject to marketing while watching tv in the evenings during my onsite hotel time.  So, Special K challenge here I come!  That’s right!  There are a lot of Special K products in my kitchen right now.  I feel a little dirty, but if I do drop a pant size, I’ll be super happy!  Actually it’s my “wonder if I can drop 5 pounds before starting swimming lessons with Indie” diet. 🙂  I’ll keep you updated!  Well, off to enjoy a delicious shake for lunch.



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2 responses to “Ridiculous Diet

  1. bernadette hoyt

    why not…it’s for 2 weeks and if you lose some weight why not! it’s better than other diets! i am eating special k in the am at the moment..the low fat granola is excellent!

  2. hey, at least you aren’t eating cayenne pepper only…that is where I would worry. But special k, its not that bad and hopefully tastes good:) Let us know how it goes!

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