Procrastination Temptation

If you’re like me, you often have a backlog of work.  Always running behind and on the very rare occasion when you can get a day at work where every email isn’t labeled high priority and you don’t get at least 20 phone calls, you might catch up.  I’m trying to figure out how to be more efficient.  One thing I have pinpointed is my tendency to procrastinate in particular with email.  So I read the email and I think uck I don’t want to deal with this right now, I’ll just leave it in my in box.  Well a week or two goes by and now I have several thousand emails in my in box.  Not exactly conducive to good mental health.  The most annoying thing is that I don’t need to do anything for the vast majority of these emails.  I just need to file them or delete them.  So in essence what might take 10 seconds is taking me at least 5 minutes because I keep reprocessing emails and work.  I have a new email mantra, do it now! I think this could work for a great many things beyond email, but that’s my focus for right now.  Instead of reprocessing emails over and over, just do it.  If it’s something I can’t do, put it on a list and then take care of it.   At this point I only have 46 emails in my in box that are pending. Whew!  Now the challenge will be staying on task with getting it done now and expanding into other areas of work/home.



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2 responses to “Procrastination Temptation

  1. agree! I do the same thing! hmmm…something else I need to work on:) Very proud of ya!

  2. bernadette hoyt

    man there is so much to keep on top of in this life we lead…whew! i am so bad about voicemails…i say, i’ll call them later and never do or i don’t listen to my voicemails and just see whose call i missed and wah laa you get oodles of voicemails to listen to. good luck on your venture.

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