Food and Travel

Really food should be the highlight of traveling for work.  So many different restaurants in so many cities.  However, if you are attempting to lose baby weight, it can be the enemy.   I have been searching the interwebs to see if there is anything remotely healthy in the town I’m staying in.  I’m thinking no.  Unfortunately we’re just far enough away from Chicago that it doesn’t make sense to go there and have a night out and eat annoyingly pretentious healthy food there.  So, I guess Panera it is.  Panera can be healthy, but I eat there alot!  Either that or checking out a grocery store.

Of course it’s also helpful if ms. lazykins (aka me) would actually get off her booty and workout.  I’m going for it this afternoon.

Any ideas for eating healthy on the road?


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  1. bernadette hoyt

    salads, proteins….watch out for over indulging in breads and desserts.

    work out

    grab fruit, carrots and healthy grain bars for snacks.

    work out

    it is hard…traveling is the hardest time to eat healthy and to exercise….but you can do it cuz you are lindsay

    sorry it’s such a dry post….i’m tired and not thinking creatively! panera is a fairly healthy choice ….all food groups to choose from. bon a petite!

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