Travels and Weekend Updates

This month has been full of travel so far.  Hence I am a bit behind in my posting. I’m off again today to Indiana.  Although I took a position at work that was supposed to prevent as much travel, it seems as though I have had significantly more since I took that position.  I guess the mantra for the first fourth of the year will be that it will get better by mid April.  So I’ll just have to hang on until then.  The real key now is to make sure that I complete enough work while I’m on the road so I don’t have to work on the weekends.  So far I have been successful.  I hope to keep that up.  I have managed to not open my computer on the weekends for a couple of months now.

This past weekend we went over to some friends’ house for football watching.  We are not football fans, but we had not seen them in a while and we thought it would be good for Indie to hang out with their kids.  We dressed Indie up in his little baby hipster shirt and tie (see below).  hilarious!  Don’t worry we brought other play clothes for him as well.

In other news, I still have my christmas tree up.  It no longer has ornaments or lights on it, but it is still up.  Maybe I’ll be like my mom’s Aunt Peggy and just leave up all holiday decorations all year-long. I’ll just decorate the tree for the different holidays.  I did, however, manage to go through my whole box of christmas stuff and weed out yard sale items, which is an accomplishment.  This now means that the majority of christmas items fit in one tub. I also went through my desk area.  Got the mail under control, organized my filing cabinet and shredded all necessary documents.  Whew!  It was a busy weekend.  I still need a few desk items to really be organized, like a trash can, but it’s getting better.

I think I’ll have to wait on organizing and conquering more areas until the kitchen is done.  We desperately need to remodel our kitchen.  We had a fridge break down incident and decided to buy the fridge that we really wanted, which meant removing one of the cabinets, which means we have a slightly torn apart kitchen.  Now if you know us, you know it can’t be simple, we want to rip down the two walls that keep the kitchen portioned off from the living room/dining room.  We have visions of an amazingly open space, with a pass through in those walls/breakfast bar.  So we need to get some contractors out to make sure it’s safe to do so.  Also, this is one of those, does it make more sense to have the professionals rip down those walls than us so we’re going to get some quotes as well.   I think this is what I’ll be working on this week/weekend.

Never a dull moment at the hoyt-vinson house!



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3 responses to “Travels and Weekend Updates

  1. Hope the remodeling of the kitchen goes nicely.
    I liked the photos 🙂

  2. bernadette hoyt

    i love the aunt peggy tree idea….i think she would be proud!! with valentine’s day coming and then it can be indy’s st patrick’s birthday tree….then easter….why miss all that fun! yeh…your job is like a line for a disney ride….you move enough to think you are getting to the ride and then you turn the corner…wa-laa….the line goes on and on but then you get on the ride and the joy of the ride out ways the agony of the line! so as the saying goes, tie a knot and hang on cuz the best is yet to come! your kitchen is going to be awesome. when we did our basement, the contractor did like the plaster and the hard stuff then he would give us small jobs that we were comfortable doing and it helped with time and price. like you can tear stuff down, stuff like that in evenings and weekends and let them do the harder, time consuming stuff a professional does best! if you need me any weekend to watch indy and help with painting ect let me know….i need a good reason to get my hands on that cute grandson. oh, the outfit is tooooooo cute! you do have a nack for the cuteness factor!!

  3. bernadette hoyt

    showed your dad indie’s adorable outfit and he smiled and commented on how cite it is

    then said…

    wow, i’m more impressed that eric and linz went and watched football!

    my thought…true penn stater 😉

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