Mid Week Confession

I am a bad friend!  I was talking to someone who I work with and I was commenting on how I am soooo good at meeting deadlines and not letting the ball drop at work that I often am “bad” in my personal life.  I’m likely to bail on you last minute.  I tend to be selfish, I want you to come to my house.  I’m not always very good at giving back.  And for goodness sake, please please please never ask me to be in your wedding if you value my friendship.  I tend to put my family above friends…  That’s just a mid week confession.

An additional mid week confession is that I love really bad TV.  Thank you Gossip Girl!


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One response to “Mid Week Confession

  1. bernadette hoyt

    well, confession is good for the soul. i to am a flake when it comes to socializing … and now that i don’t have any friends it makes my social life much simpler…..and my girls and their family always come first the rest of the famdamily can wait in line (except when they call i’m there….i wuss i am i am!) i am getting to be such a tv person….it’s my relax time…tv and laptop from 9-11pm! almost time for bed …nite !

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