Last Holiday Weekend Fun

We celebrated the last of the holidays this past weekend.  I am thankful for yet another 3 day weekend.  I definitely needed the break.  So we celebrated New Year’s by doing nothing. It’s our usual. 🙂  This has been the case even before the baby bear.  Eric and I have never been big new years eve celebrators.  We did have Eric’s brother, sister in law and nephew over this past weekend for Very Falafel Christmas.  We celebrate christmas with them by making Middle Easter and Greek inspired food.  Eric made some super duper delicious items this year including dolmades! And I made my usual Baklava  Indie had quite a sampling of new foods over the weekend.

Then it was present time.  The got Indie some fantastic new stacking rings.  They’re wooden and are little puzzles.  Indie’s favourite activity with the rings so far is chewing on them.  We show him how they fit together and then he puts one side in each hand and hits them together.  It’s pretty funny.

Somebody was very curious about the Christmas tree.  We spent most of the time trying to keep him from pulling it over.

I had hoped to get all the holiday stuff put away this past Sunday, but that didn’t happen.  So this weekend we will say goodbye to the tree and the ornament, stockings will be tucked away and we will see them all again next winter.


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  1. bernadette hoyt

    sounds like you had a great time…i’m glad. the puzzle/rings are very fun looking. wow, indie now looks like a little boy and not a baby anymore!! hey, would you/indy/eric like to meet shannon/lena/me in jacksonville, fla at the end of january?? shannon has a photo seminar and lena and i are floating at the indoor pool….could be fun times?!! no pressure, not want you to know you are wanted, loved and y’never know unless you ask!! thanks for the update…so miss you all!

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