Goals and Directions that Happen to Coincide with New Years

Per Eric’s comments of his hatetred of new years resolutions, I submit to you my goals and directions for life that happen to coincide with new years 🙂

1. Do it myself with caution.  I find that I think that I always need to do it myself when it comes to any sort of project.  But now I’m going to think through if I’m really the right person to do the project and if it makes more sense to pay someone else than for me to learn.

2. Get the house in order.  This involves many aspects.  For example, remodel the kitchen, have a yard sale to get rid of all our junk, organize what’s left after the yard sale, etc.  We just need to make it so we can actually enjoy our living space.

3. Be more active and eat healthier.  I’m opting for something a little different than “lose weight.”  Don’t get me wrong, I hope being more active and eating healthier results in losing weight, but those two items are really the root of the problem.

And that’s all I’m doing for this year.  What are your goals and directions this coming year?



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3 responses to “Goals and Directions that Happen to Coincide with New Years

  1. 1. write a book
    2. eat more goat cheese
    3. go to the gym 300 days out of the year
    4. be more patient
    5. accomplish more than just #2 of this list:)

    ps…love your list of life directions!

  2. bernadette hoyt

    hmmm my thoughts on 2010…

    eat less goat cheese! actually none at all…yuk!
    read more books…
    pay off fence
    paint the house
    canoe…my neck, arms and shoulders are better!
    maybe run a 5k

    we’ll see how it goes!!

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