Farewell 2009

2009 was not a bad year for our little family.  I know that on a much bigger scale the world considers this to have been a tough year.  However, I think it’s been one of the better years us.  Mostly because this year we got this little guy:

I really had to put away my crankiness from the past month and realize that all in all this was a fantastic year.  I had 3 months off from work to spend with my family, we were personally not affected by the recession in any major way, I have one of the silliest and sweetest baby boys ever and we’re all healthy and happy.  I’m calling this one a success.

Now I am busy formulating  plans for 2010.  What will my resolutions and goals be?  You’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out!



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2 responses to “Farewell 2009

  1. bernadette hoyt

    it’s been a great year-as you noted, my first grandson was born
    -watching my grand children grow this year has been so much fun and rewarding
    -seeing my daughters and husbands (my kids) being the best parents is like a hallmark moment for me 🙂
    -my dad is doing so well
    -i have a privacy fence !!
    -we have jobs, a house which is easy to clean, and food on the table and a car which runs.
    -i have learned a few things about myself and becoming more confident and humble at the same time
    -over all a great year and look forward to 2010.
    -a note, i do keep those who have struggled this year/and our country in thought and hope 2010 is better for all of us.

    and linz…15 posts in one month….breaking a blog record for the year…we do expect more at you now 🙂

  2. yep, a truly fantastic year with a great addition to the fam who is the cutest Indiebear ever:)

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