Winter Solstice

A big eff you to winter solstice for bringing us the shortest day in terms of sunlight but the longest day in terms of how freaking long this terrible day can last.  Also, all super earthy crunchy stay at home moms who blog about the “rhythm” of your day and how fantastic your waldorf naturalistic children are, I do not want to read about your solstice celebrations or how the rhythm of your home is so fantastic for this holiday season.  I want to see the real post about you also run around frantically trying to pick up your house and wrap presents and keep babies from freaking out all day.  You’re making the rest of us look bad for daring to have lives!  I have yet to capture the christmas spirit bug.  I look forward to possibly getting the illness within the next day or two.  Otherwise we’ll just have to wait until next year.



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2 responses to “Winter Solstice

  1. shannon

    I know you don’t want to hear this, but this is HIGH-larious! I think you should be the one to break the mold and go with this theme of “the real life of a working mom”…it could work for you:) Hope tomorrow is better!

  2. bernadette hoyt

    what…you didn’t stay up and howl at the moon and do your solstice dance?? so did you find your christmas stuff to decorate with?? and i’m sure the swine flu has something to do with the increasing lack of christmas spirit this year!! i am still crafting crafting crafting and…not a creature was stirring not even a picture in sight…so dash away and i’ll be piecing an afghan till the wee hours on christmas eve night! you do need to write an pseudonym blog …a blog with an alter ego!! hang in there…christmas is just days away and then gone for another year!

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