Bring on The Postman Apocalypse

Eric and I are fans of only the highest in quality of cinema.  That’s why we watch such high quality films as Waterworld, Blood Rayne, Troll 2, we had a Uwe Boll-athon the other week.  If you are not familiar with any of these movies, basically we enjoy terrible cinema as much as we enjoy wonderful cinema, which brings me to this post.

Recently we’ve been on a bad Kevin Costner kick.  We like to ponder if perhaps Kevin Costner keeps all of his movie costumes and wears them daily.  We like to mock and assume he is completely insane.  So, last night we had the joy of watching The Postman.  And I’m pretty sure that I would most definitely take that post apocalyptic world over the busy crazyness of the last couple of weeks.  I am ready for the fall of western civilization.  Besides, according to this particular movie, it seems as though the bad guys will not be super organized and will ride from town to town at random.  I’m not super sure how they have such a hold on what civilization is left based on this poorly planned approach and their army is not that scary and half of their army is folks that don’t want to be there…. hmmmm no wonder a group of mail men and ladies were able to defeat them (sorry for ruining the movie for you if you have yet to see it).  There’s was also much dancing and knitting apparently (lots of scarves).  Plus I also look forward to wearing ridiculously layered outfits that make no sense.  I’m super excited that no matter what, when it’s the apocalypse, we will all be wearing tattered, layered 80s inspired clothes.  That has to be better than people obsessed with their iPhones.



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2 responses to “Bring on The Postman Apocalypse

  1. bernadette hoyt

    wow my first thought (and the others of this post will come later cuz i’m still crafting) is that you have not posted this much since august…and this is why you won the creative writing award in college. love this thought pattern and will so review and critique it later this evening when i have my next 2 projects done!!! the layered tattered 80’s look will help me smile thru my crafting 🙂

  2. bernadette hoyt

    one crafting project left and it’s a doosey…i’ll be piecing piecing piecing till christmas dinner comes but the projects are usable, cute and hand done….done being the important thing!! my finger tips actually hurt last night from pinning and ironing!! this post was so funny i had to read it to your dad….you are so funny when you lose your mind and watch kevin costner movies 🙂 do you have to go in to work on thurs?? i am working christmas am…this is my holiday to work and will be working sat am also! we will have christmas at shannon’s later that day when your dad and gram come to knoxville. your dad is doing the christmas eve service in sparta and stay with gram then they come over christmas day. so it all works out and i don’t have to cook and get presents….woo woo! well, here’s to the postal service people…may they live long and prosper! should be extra nice to them cuz they are our future!!

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