Nine Months

How time flies! Nine months already.   Here are your Indie updates

  • Indie specifically called me mama and Eric dada this past month. so cute!
  • we discovered how delicious cheese is as well as molasses cookies
  • Indie’s main source of communication are monster noises, which are just yells and laughing maniacally
  • Indie loves loves loves to play!
  • We often spend evenings chasing dad down the hallway and laughing hysterically
  • He quite enjoys holding his own spoon now, I think we’re on the verge of figuring out to feed himself
  • He really enjoys yelling at books and has found many purposes for his books.  Sometimes he looks at them, sometimes we read them and sometimes he uses them to slide around the room
  • climbing is one of his favourite past times.  He has on the occasion gotten onto a chair or couch using a little piano.  He’s quite inventive

I can’t wait to see what the coming month brings!  We did get a video camera so I’ll post some Indie fun for you



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3 responses to “Nine Months

  1. wow nine months and doing all this! i am so glad you got a video camera….so look forward to seeing some of this stuff in action!! at least he is not doing this>>> on the news tonight they reported on this 4yr old walking down the road, drinking a beer and wearing a girls dress. the mother explains that the child wants to get into trouble so he can be where his dad 9in prison) !! omg .. mother says that she is embarrassed and that kids do this kind of stuff….uhhhh when is the last time you saw a 4yr old walking down the street after midnight and wearing your dress…..please, cut me a break…he is the next uni bomber!!!

  2. bernadette hoyt

    ps…did want to say that you and eric are such great parents! no wonder indy is so happy and creative!

  3. he is quite ingenious! I think he is definitely going to be an engineer or something with that climbing stuff. Can’t wait to see videos!

    PS…mom’s post had me laughing! but it is a true story…good ol’ Tennessee:)

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