This snow is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S

This post is little late, but I’ve been super busy this last week with some work stuff and finishing up some Christmas crafting.  The good news is that all the christmas crafts that need to be shipped are complete.  Just a little bit more wrapping to complete tonight and I’ll ship them off tomorrow!

Last week in Wisconsin we had an actual blizzard with blizzard warnings.  The state shut down schools and offices and the majority of folks at my work did not make it in, including me!  Here are some pix of the aftermath for your enjoyment!

This one was at about 5AM.  We had several more hours of snow after this.  The branches on this tree became so heavy that they were blocking our front steps.

The trees across the street.  so pretty and picture perfect!

There’s Eric taking the Element around the neighborhood to get some of the snow off and check out the roads.  Note that we drove around with that much snow on the top for the rest of the week as well until it warmed up a bit.  After the snow for the next couple of days we had negative 20 wind chills.  brrr!  I didn’t realize this and went out one morning with damp hair, which quickly froze.

The back yard.  Quite buried in snow!

Usually the mailbox isn’t this buried until later in the season.  Note that this was our first major snow and we didn’t have any snow on the ground prior to this.  So all this in one snow fall!

Here you can see how much snow was originally on the car.  And you can see the civic.  That car is not coming out until spring!

One of Indie’s new tricks.  Moving objects to stand on.  He’s obsessed with looking out the front window.  The bowl provides some height for a better view!  Now he looks out the window and makes little high pitched noises.  We think he’s shocked and amazed by the snow.

Hope you all are enjoying your winter holidays!



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2 responses to “This snow is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S

  1. oh what gorgeous snow!! there is sooooooooo much of it!! is eric glad to have a snow blower?? love indy’s engineering technique of finding something to stand on…cute pic of his legs from under the curtains!! so is the snow still hanging about??

  2. you are in trouble my friend, Indie is already doing what Lena just figured out! He is going to be one monkey! Love his little feet on the bowl! Phew, that’s alot of snow!

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