It’s winter!

Well, it’s finally officially winter here.  Accumulation of 8-12 inches of snow expected by Wednesday afternoon.  It’s a good thing I put up my outside Christmas lights on Saturday when we only had a dusting of snow.  I am very very happy to not have to drive through Madison in the next couple of days.  So very happy we live in out in rural WI and technically my office is in rural Wisconsin.  The first snowfalls here are like the first snowfalls anywhere and everyone forgets how to drive.  It’s really frustrating!

Christmas crafting is in full gear this week.  I love my husband so much for putting up with me and the Christmas crafting.  Or more specifically, where I’m Christmas crafting.  I have an entire room specifically devoted to my sewing/crafting.  However, it’s right next to Indie’s room and he’s pretty easy to wake up so I have been a little hesitant to sew while he’s napping.  Those of you who have experienced babies know that when they’re sleeping is when you actually get stuff done.  So, I have set up a temporary sewing station downstairs in the den (aka our entertainment room).  One our list of things to get done in the house is to move my sewing stuff into what is now the guest room in the basement and move the guest room to my sewing room upstairs.  This seems like a good first step.  Perhaps when Christmas sewing is done, instead of moving all my sewing stuff back upstairs we’ll just finish the transition.

Happy christmas crafting and preparations to you all!



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2 responses to “It’s winter!

  1. i feel so much to craft and so little time…..but it’s getting there 🙂

  2. made some executive craft decisions and moved my crafting station in front of the tv and i am now crafting away…happy and think i’ll get done. you were an inspiration with moving my craft station 🙂

    maybe we’ll have a blizzard some day 😉

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