My Little Man

So my mom is going to guest post pictures from Thanksgiving, but I couldn’t resist sharing this one.  I think this picture sums up Indie quite well.  He is the most on the go baby I think ever.  Can you believe he’s only 8.5 months when you look at this picture?  He’s already starting to look less baby like and more toddler like to me.  Of course that’s also helped by the fact that he’s almost walking and has figured out how to climb.



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2 responses to “My Little Man

  1. bernadette hoyt

    i love this pic cuz it screams delight…look what i can do…woo hoo…yahoo!!! i can’t believe that he is 8.5mos old and he is loving the car and will be do wheel-ees tomorrow…watch out you have got your hands full with this delightful young’n!! tell him nana says peek a boo 🙂

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