In denial

I’m so in denial about a few things today.

1. That I’m out of town this week.  I just finished packing for the week this AM.  And instead of getting ready and putting the final touches on packing (like remembering shoes) I’m blogging. 🙂

2. That it’s almost December.  It just can’t be.  This year has gone too fast for all the fun parts.  (It is however taking way too long to get to April – I’m on a work project that I dispise until around April so I’m counting down the months).

3. I’m in denial that I actually need to put up Christmas stuff.  I did not get around to it this weekend.  I know it’s terrible!  Usually I always put it up the day after Thanksgiving, but I did not feel super inspired to do so this past week.  I will have to get that taken care of this coming weekend.  This year we are much more low key for Christmas.  No holiday cocktail party to make sure the house is ready for and it’s just us 3 together for Christmas.  Hopefully it will help ease some of the stress in my life.  I have a project at work that is scheduled to be up and running on December 17 so that’s taking up much of my time right now.  Some day I’ll have a December that isn’t full of work.  The last 3 have been very full of work.

4. I also can’t believe that Indie will be a year in about 3.5 months.  That’s crazytown!  It had not even dawned on me that was the case until my mom pointed out this past weekend that Indie would be off formula in just a few short months. 

Anyways, I haven’t posted in a while and need to catch up.  I should have Thanksgiving post done this evening for you all.  I, of course, forgot to take any pictures and my mom has them all so once I get those from her there will be an additional picture post. 🙂

Enjoy your last day of November!



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2 responses to “In denial

  1. I’m in denial its December too…well, tomorrow it will be December but you know what I mean:) I can’t believe Indie is going to be one soon either! Cant wait to see him soon though!

    Maybe mom could do a guest post on here like that one time you posted pics on her blog by accident:)

  2. bernadette hoyt

    hmmm….can i pirate your blog to post some pics??? can i can i? don’t worry linz…i don’t have my christmas stuff up either and it’s just your dad and i and i’m wondering how little can i get by with so that lena doesn’t thinks me awful! i think my strategy will be to take her to christmas things and visit her at her house!! she’ll never know there is no christmas at nana’s house…bah hum bah 🙂 well, being in a denial fantasy world with that thought…i will someday before christmas put up some stuff as you and your family need some christmas music…. christmas pizza from sugar river and those white russians lindsay style!! then let the christmas spirit begin!! what was in those white russians???????

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