What are you crafting?

In case anyone has been curious about my lack of posting craft projects, it’s not because I’m not sewing and knitting and creating furiously, because I am!  It’s because all that hard work is going into Christmas presents for my family and since they read my blog (or at least I assume they do), I can’t post or else the surprise would be ruined!  Just know that there will be a detailed christmas craft related post after the holiday has passed!



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4 responses to “What are you crafting?

  1. bernadette hoyt

    just to let you know that i used my hot glue gun tonight and it was so liberating!! the crafting is ON!!! one project done and many more to go….woot woot!!

  2. I have my craftiness sitting in a bag waiting to be crafted. soon hopefully I will craft it into amazing gifts! hopefully. soon. aghh. 🙂

  3. bernadette hoyt

    hey linz…check out the site of do you mind if i knit…it’s listed on sarah london’s website. some great knitting and crocheting ideas.

    shannon…the crafting is like therapy….you will be so happy doing so. but finish those pics first, will ya!!??

  4. bernadette hoyt

    christmas craft #2 done…check!

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