Why worry about the little stuff?

So, maybe it’s a matter of having a baby that has made me take a step back and say why do people let little things ruin their day?  I am always amazed at what people let bother them.  And what’s more amazing is that they take it out on people who have no control of the situation in many cases.

So, why these thoughts and feelings?  Did someone take something out on me today?  Actually no.  It’s because I had an opportunity to decide to be nice and not worry instead of taking something out on someone unfairly.   So my somewhat sad life is that I eat alot of room service, it’s a harzard of my job.  I have alot of work to do and I often choose to spend extra time working when I’m onsite instead of going out and about.  It’s a strategy to keep me from working weekends. 🙂 So, this week I have every night ordered room service and each night I have ordered something that they have been out of.  I actually think it’s quite funny because it’s just the type of luck I have.  So during a conversation with the latest room service guy, I mention this is so funny because this is not the first time this has happened to me.  The poor room service guy started freaking out and appologizing.  I reassured him it wasn’t a big deal and I really did think it was funny.  He then gave me an excellent recommendation on what to have instead.  Poor guy, probably gets yelled at so often for things out of his control.  People are mean.


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  1. bernadette hoyt

    well my motto is:


    job well done linz!

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