It’s the holiday time of year.  I really really enjoy the holidays.  I especially enjoy the holidays in Wisconsin because there’s always snow!  Snow is fantastic until it’s March and it’s still snowing, but for the holidays the snow is still fresh and exciting.  Here are some of our holiday updates.


We had a great time on halloween.  My mom was in town and we had a great time hanging out with her.  We went to the Belleville UFO festival which is hilarious and amazing.  Eric and I did not dress up this year, but we did dress Indie up as a little garden gnome.  This costume came into being mainly because I already had the furry boots for Indie because why wouldn’t you have furry boots for your baby?



We always have two thanksgivings every year (this is not kind to those of us trying to loose baby weight).  First we have friends thanksgiving which is an event with all of our friends.  There’s always a delicious assortment of food and too much drinking.  We’ll have to see who passes out before dinner first this year.

Then Eric and I have our thanksgiving on actual thanksgiving.  Mom and Dad are coming up this year to celebrate thanksgiving with us.  Eric makes the best thanksgiving dinner ever!! Seriously! My job is to do the shopping and order the organic fresh turkey and to stay out of Eric’s way.  I guess I have a new job of entertaining the baby this year as well. 🙂 Then even more fun the day after is waking up at 4:30 AM to go shopping.  This year I will have mom’s company which will be great.  Last year I technically had Indie’s company because I was noticeably pregnant while shopping.


This year my family is doing a handmade christmas.  The rules are either you handmake the item or you buy a handmade item.  So there has been alot of crafting going on for me, but not a lot of posting about it since my family reads this blog. 🙂

Sew mama sew does a handmade holidays segment for the entire month of November.  It is great inspiration not only for gifts but for decorating your house, making delicious treats, etc.  Check it out and get on the handmade band wagon!




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2 responses to “Holidays!

  1. bernadette hoyt

    yeah for a november post. yes…the ufo parade was the most hysterical thing ever and where else do they throw cheese sticks out for candy but in wisconsin!! oh you funny cheeseheads! and it only made sense with those furry boots that indy be a yard gnome and he did make a cute one at that!

    i have been to joann’s today and friday i am going at 8am so to get the things i need for my crafting!! fa la la la la…la la la la!!!

    a cratfting we shall do ….
    some sewing we shall thread…
    hi ho a knitting oh…
    a crafting we shall do!!

  2. bernadette hoyt

    ps……………love sew mama sew!

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