Time for a New Routine

I find myself at 26 nearly 27 to be a very habitual person in my personal life.  I blame this on the fact that I have the opposite work life of many people.  I don’t dread going into the office for the same old daily grind every day.  I am usually greeted by some sort of unexpected issue or high priority problem, so I find my stability in having a very habitual home life.  But I’ve decided to switch things up a little.  I was functioning on a early mornings to myself schedule, but it’s seeming that I am no longer finding the time to myself that I need.  And no it’s not because I have a baby, it’s because I’m finding that I need some time after the day is through to unwind after Indie is in bed and Eric and I have finished dinner.  I’m switching to staying up an hour later and sleeping in an hour more.  I’m hoping this will help reduce some of my stress as well as make me feel more rested.  I discovered that on weekends I sleep roughly the same amount of time, but feel more rested because I sleep in a little later.  I think it’s because I’m getting old.

Now maybe I can conquer my weekend shopping habit.  I feel like the eventual snow will help with that.


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  1. bernadette hoyt

    we all have these natural sleeping patterns. mine is 11-7 and i always awaken about 3am and sleep the hardest the first hour of sleep and the last 2hrs. of course, my schedule doesn’t always allow this and on sats i can sleep till 9am which i could never did before but love to do now…cuz i am old!!! not just getting there…i am there!! sleep is the most important part of well being and we so rob ourselves of it1 so get your sleep, get your rest and relax. and it’s not time to shop … it’s time to craft! christmas is coming!! we may need a joann’s time while i’m there tho…i need some special fabric.

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