Weekend Fun

October has been a really busy month for us and it doesn’t look like it’s going to let up until November, hence my lack of posting.  I’ve been traveling every week in October and this week is my last on the road for a few weeks.  So I am anxiously awaiting next week.  I also have that thursday and friday off because mom’s coming into town!  woot woot!  Indie is excited to see his nana and we’re excited to see her too.

So big news this weekend: We finally bought a new fridge!! After two weeks of being scared of all dairy products in our fridge (which is sad when you live in Wisconsin) we went out and bought a fridge.  Funnily enough it’s the one that we decided we liked the first time we looked for a new fridge several months ago.  🙂  I’m excited for fresh dairy and cold beer in the near future.  They’re delivering the fridge on October 27.  So pictures will abound once it’s in place.

Indie has been getting quite hillarious and has become a big fan of rolling around on pillows in the living room.  Eric is also a big fan of this activity so there are many pillows on the living room floor.  Oh my two favourite boys!


Here he is quite relaxed


Oh happy with my pillows!


And now to forge the path over the pillows.  Often the most difficult part of playing on the pillows.


This weekend Indie turned 7 months so I thought I’d share some Indie facts and funnies

  • Indie is a competent crawler and has gotten fast in terms of getting from point A to point B.  He’s very driven
  • Indie likes to stand… alot!  He pulls himself up on everything
  • Indie has his first tooth.  This has not seemed to bother him at all so I’m hoping that teething continues to go this smoothly 🙂  A mom can wish can’t she?
  • Indie thinks his dad is the most hillarious person in the whole world.  They have lots of laughs!
  • Indie likes to flirt with check out girls and smile and coo at them.  He’s actually very friendly with everyone and enjoys social interaction.
  • I like to claim that Indie has said his first word (Eric differs in his opinion) as we were in the kitchen the other day and a little baby bear said “Hi!”  It was sooooooo cute!
  • The baby bear now talks himself to sleep or he’s having a very in depth conversation with is blanket.  Actually he talks a lot and can be very serious.  Sometimes he looks at us and just goes on and on in baby talk with a very serious tone and looks very serious.
  • Indie and his blankie are besties.  One time I took away the blanket for him not to sleep with because of my constant fear of the blanket suffocating Indie, there was crying for hours until I figured out what the problem was.  Put the blankie back in the crib and off to sleep he went.
  • Indie has discovered curtains, which is problematic.  We had to move his crib as Eric found him standing and pulling on the curtains. Yikes!
  • Indies hearts the puppies and tortures them by lunging for them and taking up their favourite sitting/sleeping spot – my lap.

All in all he is definitely a little explorer.  We’re going to have our hands full!  But very sweet and smiley and curious.  I can’t believe he’s only 7 months.  Seems like we’ve had him for forever!  What did we do all day before we had a baby?



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4 responses to “Weekend Fun

  1. bernadette hoyt

    oh that indie bear is so darling and quite the sense of humor!! can’t wait to play with that lil’explorer!! it’s so nice that blogging allows me to see and hear about my favorite people 🙂 see you soon.

  2. bernadette hoyt

    oh yeh…congrats on the new frig. so did all work well with the size ect?? and color?? very exciting!

  3. Amber

    I can’t get over how fast time has flown by. Indie is adorable, although he is looking more like his dad than his mom right now. Sounds like you have been very blessed with a laid back baby.

  4. bernadette hoyt

    tell indie that nana is coming to town 🙂

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