Weekend Fun

I accomplished alot this weekend, so get ready! 


5:40 AM: Indie wakes up.  Are you kidding me?  This is not a common Saturday AM ritual that he wakes up so early, I’m not on board.

6:40ish AM: baby bear is back in bed, I start scouting for any good yard sales.  In luck!  There is a multi participant yardsale in Belleville, with someone bringing in estate sale items.  I get excited and think maybe today is the day I find a desk.

8:30 ish AM: Indie and I go to scout out the yardsale.  I find several new toys for Indie.  Always a plus.  I love when I get a toy for him that would have been over 20 bucks for 3.  At the estate sale I find several nice doilies that will be making their way onto some bags for my etsy shop.  And wait for it…. I finally find a table for my desk area downstairs!  15 dollars.  The legs are from an old singer sewing machine, perfect!  I pay the 15 and say I’ll bring my husband back to help me with the heavy lifting.PB210452

9:30 AM: We arrive home to find Eric steam cleaning the dining room.  Isn’t he fantastic?  The dining room looks sooo much better!  We’re considering making it our first room to attempt installing hardwood floors in ourselves.  Off white carpet in a dining room is stupid.  So I say at last I have found a table to use for my desk downstairs we can move the mess (pictured below) out of the dining room/living room.  We run over to pick up my treasures when he’s done with the carpet.PB210458

10:30ish AM:  It’s time for a baby bear to take a nap so I get the little man ready for bed and off to sleep he eventually goes after about a half hour of talking to himself.  I decide to make applesauce with some of the delicious apples I picked myself at apple picking last weekend.  Eric has doubted that I will use up all the apples, but I use all but two.  Applesauce is sooooo easy to make!  And yes, I did use a recycled pasta sauce jar to store my applesauce.PB210453


PB2104571:00 PM: I finally remembered to schedule an appointment to get my hair cut.  It’s looking pretty sad so off I go to Madison to get my hair done.  I arrive a little too early for my appointment, but lucky for me the antique shop next door is having a half off sale, but unlucky for me it’s because they’re closing.  I get some amazing vintage textiles (not pictured in this post, I’ll have to show them some other time).

2:00 PM: get my hair done.  Isn’t it cute?  I’m thinking I will go as Velma for halloween.PB230481

3:00 PM: I’m off to Joann’s.  I have some coupons to use up this weekend, plus I get to spend some time shopping for fabric alone.  This hasn’t happened in a while.  I usually love to bring the baby bear with me, but sometimes it’s nice to go alone.  I pick up some fabric for bags to make with the vintage doilies I purchased earlier and some supplies for Christmas presents.  We’re doing a handcrafted christmas, will post more details about that later.  Then I stop by the grocery store on the way home.

4:45 ish PM: I arrive home.  woops!  I was gone way longer than I meant to be.  Indie has been up for quite a while and poor Eric can’t get him to take a nap.  This means we’ll probably have a long evening ahead of us.

5:15 PM: After another failed attempt at putting Indie down for a quick nap, I decide we’ll just have to power through.  Now, I want to make some butternut squash curry soup for dinner because it sounds amazing and yes it is amazing.  (recipe to come at another time, we’re still perfecting it).  So I bring Indie’s high chair into the kitchen give him some peaches and let him make a mess.  I gave him some old measuring cups to play with and we sang and had a grand time while making dinner.  Yes, that is a measuring cup on his should below, he put it there. And we read Where the Wild Things Are, which seems fitting since Indie was definitely a wild thing this evening.PB210459

6:45 PM:  Soup is set to simmer on the stove and it’s time for the Indie bear to go to bed.

7:15 PM: We have delicious soup and a spinach salad.  It’s now time to watch the third season of 30 rock for the evening.

9:30 PM: I give in and go to bed. 🙂


6:15 AM: Seriously we’re up early again today???? Indie gets a bottle and put back to bed.  He talks for a while, but eventually falls back asleep.

7:00 AM: I do some work that needs to be done this weekend so I can enjoy the rest of the day without having to think about it.

Around 8:00 ish AM:  Eric and I fill out insurance stuff.  Gross!  But at least it’s out of the way for the day.

9:00 AM:  The whole house is up and we decide that some 30 rock is called for this morning.  We watch 30 rock and Indie bounces around on the couch, lunging back and forth between me and Eric.

11:00 AM:  It’s back to bed for the Indie bear.  Here’s hoping to him getting in a quick nap before playgroup today.  Eric and I watch one more episode of 30 rock and then I get ready to go.

Noon:  And we’re off to playgroup!

12:30 PM:  We arrive at playgroup and hang out for a while.

2:00 PM:  Playgroup wraps up and we have some errands to run.  It’s off to Target.  I travel alot for work and that means alot of wear and tear on luggage so it’s time for a new suitcase as the handle no longer works on my old one.  We pick up a suitcase, a new argyle sweater for me (hello on sale for 15) and a Rocky shirt for Indie.  And cilantro to add to the left over butternut squash curry soup. I realize I’m tired of always reading where the wild things are and pick up some curious george.  Nothing better than a curious cheeky monkey.

3:30 PM: We finally make it home.  Time for a baby bear to sleep so away he goes to beddy bye.

4:00 PM: Time for more 30 rock!

5:30 PM: We get the baby bear up again.  He’s very happy to be awake.  We realize I forgot to pick up bread to go with the soup so Eric runs to the store.  Indie is very upset that his daddy has left and never quite recovers for the evening.  He and I ready some curious george and play.  Eric cleans up the kitchen when he gets back and gets dinner ready.  We have our dinner and Indie plays in his jumperoo.PB220466


6:30 PM:  Indie gets his dinner and we ready another curious george story.

7:00 PM:  Indie gets his before bed bottle and is down for the evening.

7:3o PM:  I get some pictures for my etsy shop and sit down to blog.

8:20 ish PM:  I still need to finish laundry and pack….  whew it’s been a busy weekend!



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4 responses to “Weekend Fun

  1. bernadette hoyt

    so much ado…but loved reading about it and the pics were awesome!! i can’t wait to squeeze those baby bear legs!! so glad you found a desk. and go eric for helping with the steam cleaning!! love the 30 rock a thon…we have rocked with mad men and about caught up with the 3rd season on tv!! is the etsy store up and running?? thanks for the weekend update…you did do alot…the applesauce looked yummy and the soup sounds delicious…that maybe a request when i come up in oct. hey, loved your hair and thelma is a great idea for halloween…and eric would be…???

  2. bernadette hoyt

    should take indie to mommy and me movie night if they show where the wild things are…movie comes out oct 16th

  3. bernadette hoyt

    ps…the hoodies looks great on indie…can’t wait to see him!

  4. I love this post! So glad you found a desk! We need pics of it:) And Indie is the cutest thing ever!!!

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