Weekend Fun

Weekends are my favourite.  I wish every day was the weekend, but then again, who doesn’t?

I absolutely love the fall.  I actually think I love every season and I enjoy all the different activities that come with the season. So I’m trying to enjoy all the fall activities I can before we turn into the great white north.

This weekend we went apple picking and what fun we had. Indie was fascinated by the leaves of the apple trees and despite my best efforts I could not get him to hold an apple for a photo op due to his love of the apple trees.


We did not actually purchase any pumpkins yesterday as we plan on a separate fall fun activity of going to the corn maze and getting pumpkins there.  However, I had to do the obligatory kid sitting in the pumpkin patch picture with the little bear.PB150443

Hmmm…. I wonder what this does?  Very curious little fellow.PB150442

The little bear loves being outside and in nature sooooo much!  I think I will probably spend the rest of my life calling outside for him to come inside at the end of the day.PB150441

Bowl of apples on my kitchen table.  Yummy Yummy!  I held myself back and didn’t get too many apples.  I do actually live about 1 block away from an orchard so anytime I don’t want to go pick my own apples I can just walk down there.  I’m thinking about making apple sauce and apple pie.  Delicious!PB160444


I had put a list of items in my last post that we were going to try to get to this weekend.  I think we were mildly successful.  We did not go to the farmer’s market because not only was it farmer’s market day, it was a game day for the University of Wisconsin and it was some sort of food festival day with the author of In Defense of Food to be the keynote speaker.  All of this adds up to way too many people  being on a tiny isthmus with not enough parking.  I thought no thank you!

Indie and I went thrift shopping instead.  Main goal of finding a desk or table for me to put downstairs and move my paying the billing station to.  We were unsuccessful in that department.  We were, however, successful in finding some other items while thrifting. 

  • A nice set of never before used lime green cloth napkins.  Obviously will match my dining room as you can see in the apple picture above.  Only 99 cents each!
  • A cute vintage sheet with yellow flowers.
  • An awesome wicker picnic basket.  I will have to post about this one separately.  Someone definitely paid over $50 for it and I got it for $6!
  • Some work shirts for me – I definitely prefer to pay $3 each instead of $50

All in all some very successful thrifting.  We will have to continue our search further for the desk or table.

I did manage to fit some sewing in this weekend as well.  I’m very close to having the etsy shop up and running so please hold on to hope!  Hoping I can get it going this week.  I looked at my work hours from the last couple of weeks trying to figure out what I’ve been doing that I haven’t been able to dedicate much time to this, I have worked 60 hours each week for the past 3 weeks.  boo!   I have a busy October coming up too, but I think we can make this happen!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends!


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  1. bernadette hoyt

    your weekend was so much more fun and cuter than my weekend! love the pics…oh that indy bear is so cute and will make a great eagle scout someday! cute pic of him and his dad. and the apples…so yummy looking….so apple crisp-like! good thrift finds. next time you come to tn we will thrift it….so many thrift stores. I’ll ask gram about grandma wilfley’s desk…if you think you may be interested?? have a great week…all 60hrs of it!

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