Tutorial: Fabric Basket

Here is a tutorial for the fabric basket/napkin holder I made last weekend.  Unfortunately I did not have time to make a tutorial with pictures showing the process so I made do with some word images.  I irresponsibly chose to spend my weekend hanging out with Eric and Indie watching Dexter before my weeklong trip.  I do not regret that decision. 🙂

So let’s get started.


  • Fabric for outside of basket (how much you need will depend on how big you want to make your basket, so do the measurements and make the pattern then choose fabric)
  • Fabric for lining the basket
  • Heavy duty interfacing (can be sew in or iron on, whatever you prefer)
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Something to draw the pattern on (or you  can draw straight onto the fabric which is what I did)



Start with drawing your pattern (either on some sort of paper or straight onto your fabric – wrong side of fabric if you’re going this route)

1. Draw a rectangle in the middle of the pattern for the bottom of your basket.  This rectangle will have the same width and length as you want for the bottom of your basket.

2. Decide how tall the sides of your basket should be.  On each side of the bottom of the basket (first rectangle you drew), draw a rectangle with the length and width of the sides of the basket with an additional half inch added to the top for seam allowances.  Your pattern will look like a cross. (see picture below)


 Cut out and Prepare Fabric and Interfacing:

1. Using your pattern from above, cut 1 of fabric, 1 of interfacing and 1 of lining.

2. Attach interfacing to the fabric that will be used for the outside of the basket.  Follow directions provided by interfacing manufacturer for attaching.


Sewing the basket:

1. Sew the sides together for the outer fabric and the lining fabric. The picture below indicates which sides should be sewn together marked by arrows and red dotted lines.  At the end of this step you will have two cubes with open tops. 


2. Iron the sides of each cube and iron a crease between the seams to form the bottom of the cube. (see teh picture below.  The solid red lines indicate where to iron.)tu43. Keep the outer cube facing right side out.  Turn the lining cube inside out.  Put the outer cube inside the lining cube so right sides are together and the unsewn edges line up. Match seams and sew.  Leave a small opening so you can turn the cube right side out.

4. Once you have finished sewing the top, turn the cube right side out and iron.

5. To finisht the cube, top stitch along the open side of the cube.  See picture and sew along red dotted lines.

6. And your cube is complete!  You can definitely do a lot of stuff with this basic basket.  Also you could add some cardboard to create a sturdier basket.tu5



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3 responses to “Tutorial: Fabric Basket

  1. bernadette hoyt

    i love the illustrations better than the photos. thanks for the tutorial….will be using it! have a great week!

  2. this looks easy enough that I could do it:)

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