Good Morning


What a glorious site the sunrise was this morning.  This reminds me why I love to get up so early for the day.  I love to be awake before everyone else and spend some time by myself before heading off to work.  The world is so quiet and for an hour or two every day I don’t have to think about what email hasn’t been answered or what spreadsheet hasn’t been completed.



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3 responses to “Good Morning

  1. mmmm..lovely silence:) I feel you…except mine isn’t in the morning, its at night after everyone goes to bed! well, and today when I got to go to Target and browse all by myself!!!!! heaven!

    Love the pic!

  2. bernadette hoyt

    alone time is so essential to one’s soul. we all need it. then we need the time with others. balance…the key of life. you girls, are so insightful… 🙂

  3. bernadette hoyt

    ps…beautiful sunrise pic, linz!

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