Weekend Fun

Oh happy busy weekend.  We did the usual farmer’s market, sewing and cleaning routine for the weekend.


Here is the project for this weekend.  I made cloth napkins and a little fabric basket to hold them.  let me know if you want a tutorial and I can put one together.  The basket is amazingly similar to the baby blocks I made earlier.

Napkins and fabric basket.  The napkins are made from scraps leftover from other projects that I’ve had laying around.  The napkins are about 12 x 12.PA040367

The basket on the table (yes we have lime green walls)PA040362

Inside the little basket.PA040368

Little treasures from thrift shopping this weekend.  It’s technically an ashtray but it was so cute I couldn’t pass it up.  It’s about 3 -4 inches tall.


This is how i found Indie on Sunday morning.  When I put him to bed he had his blankie around him, he was laying between the triangles and his head was facing the opposite directioin.


Playing is exhausting!




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6 responses to “Weekend Fun

  1. Amber

    Indie is getting so big and I love the rolls on his legs. Your napkins and basket is very creative but my most favorite thing is the lime green walls. I love, love, love bright colors! I am also interested to know how you did the design on Indie’s wall?

  2. purposefulchaos

    the design on his wall is actually wall paper. Eric and my mom put it up the weekend before Indie was born. I was way too ginormous to help out. It’s amazing what nice wallpapers are available now.

  3. Love the napkins! Mom and I were just talking about my need of some:) Indie is so cute…I just want to pinch and hug him!

  4. bernadette hoyt

    oh i just can’t wait to get my hands on that youngin’!! and i do need a tutorial on how to make the basket…very cute. and tell indie nana’s coming to town 🙂

  5. bernadette hoyt

    ps………..do love the ashtray…could be used for other things

  6. I’d love a tutorial. 🙂

    And the last picture is so cute!

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