Our Little Gentleman

I made Indie some pjs which Eric likes to call his little gentleman pajamas and then we talk about how Indie likes all the finer things in life such as the smell of rich mahogany.  The pattern for these pjs is from the book Amy Butler’s Little Stitches.  These pjs were pretty easy to make, but somewhat complex as you had to make your own bias tape to go around the kimono top. (Thanks to Eric for the picture captions below).


Indie a man of many things, leisure being no exception.


Relaxed on the couch contemplating fine wine and exotic holiday destinations.



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3 responses to “Our Little Gentleman

  1. bernadette hoyt

    i think eric needs to be involved in our book…he has a great gift of commentating. he is quite funny! i love the look……so cute! i was thinking this weekend of how talented my daughters are…you did a great job linz and they are really cute. this could become a rage…lil’gentlemen wear!!

  2. This is great! I love his look in the last picture:)

  3. purposefulchaos

    Eric commentary is the best

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