Tutorial: Basic Blocks

The sewing project for tonight was basic blocks for the Indie bear.  I have plans for many more creative types of blocks, but wanted to get some practice in with basic blocks first.  These blocks are a mixture of vintage and new fabrics. I have lots of random scraps of fabric that I’ve been looking for some projects to use up.  This project requires very little fabric to complete.





  • small amount of fabric (I used six different patterns of fabric – this block has six sides total)
  • thread
  • poly fil (you can also make these using a block of foam – depends on how you want the block to look in the end)
  • scissors
  • pins and hand sewing needle
  • sewing machine – optional, you can definitely hand sew this project if you want


  • I made a simple pattern for this block using a piece of paper from a notebook I had laying around my sewing room.  I made each block 4 inches x 4 inches.
  • This pattern allows for 3/8 inch seam allowance.


1. Cut out six blocks using your pattern (or if you can use a rotary cutter/board and a ruler if you’re a quilter or have the supplies). 


2. Arrange the blocks in the pattern you would like to use for your block.  Think of how the patterns and colours will line up when the block is complete.



3. Pin the side, bottom, side and top of the block together (these are the four blocks that make up the center line in the picture above.)


4. Sew each seam.  Then iron the seams.



5. You’re now ready to sew the two remaining sides to the bottom of the block (I like to think of this as adding the arms to the t).  You will need to center the side with bottom piece.  The side will be wider than the bottom piece because you have already used the seam allowance for the bottom piece when you sewed it to the other two sides.  When you sew this seam you will need to only sew between the two existing seams.



6. Iron all seams once complete.



7. Now it’s time to make the square.  Line up and pin the sides of the squares. All four sides have already been sewn to the bottom piece of your block.  The top is only sewn to one side at this point.



8. From this angle you can see that there are four sides pinned together and the top remains unattached with the exception of one side.



9. Sew the four side seams.  You should sew between existing seams.  Leave the 3/8 inch seam allowance on sides that are already sewn.










10. Now it’s time to attach the top of the block.  Pin the top to the side pieces on two sides.  Leave one seam open.  Sew.



11. Sew the top to the side.  Leave part of the seam open in the middle so you can turn the block and add poly fil. (If you want to use a foam block insead of poly fil, leave this seam completely open and stuff the block with the foam, then hand sew this seam shut).



12. Iron all seams on the block.  Stuff with poly fil. Hand sew the opening.



and you’re done!




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2 responses to “Tutorial: Basic Blocks

  1. bernadette hoyt

    well done and the cuteness factor has various possibilities!! could add noise and crinkles even a squeekee….tags on the corners. a very fun pattern!

  2. Jayme

    Indie has such a great mom!

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