Avacodo, Strawberry, Currant Salad

This was my lunch today.  It was delicious.  Bed of bibb lettuce topped with avacodo, strawberries and currants.  Add some poppy seed dressing and you won’t even care that you’re eating a salad.  Currants were fresh from the farmer’s market.


Wondering what else you can make with currants?  I found some links, but note that I have not actually tried any of these.  I have tons of currants left so I may try this weekend.







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5 responses to “Avacodo, Strawberry, Currant Salad

  1. bernadette hoyt

    i can’t say i have ever had a currant! what are they like? but i love bibb lettuce and strawbs and avocado…the salad looks amazing and i do love poppyseed dsg…so this sounds like a must try. i’ll have to check if you can get currants around here…hmmm.

  2. purposefulchaos

    currants are quite tart. I’m a big fan!

  3. look at you and your blogging self! I’ll have to pass on the currants…not a tart fan!

  4. That looks really, really good! I’ve never tried currants but this just might be the dish to make me do so.

  5. purposefulchaos

    I LOVE currants! They’re a little sour so if you don’t like sour stuff I’d suggest some sort of recipe that includes sugar with them.

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