Weekend Fun

So this past weekend, we had a weekend of “nothing.” Due to our busy weekend last week, we decided that our best bet would be to plan nothing.  We watched the entire season 2 of Mad Men.  Oh how I love that show.  Everyone is so terrible to each other in it.  I also spent a good portion of the weekend crafting.  All in all it was fantastic.


Indie is getting very good at rolling over onto his tummy.  And now he scooches his little legs under him and tries to move them.  Uh oh!  I think we’re going to have a crawler in no time.


My sewing project for the weekend.  I’ve been obsessed with having a picnic blanket so Indie and I can go lay outside under the tree.  Next post will have more details on the making of the blanket.


Baby with the chubbiest cheeks ever!


New talent: putting foot in mouth.  Toes are the best.



Indie practicing his standing skills with Eric.  This is perhaps one of Indie’s favourite games.  You count to three and then pull him up into standing. He’s getting really good at standing and his little legs are so strong.  This quickly turns into him wanting to jump while standing up. He’s growing so fast!


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  1. bernadette hoyt

    the cutest grandson ever!! his hair is so straight and shiny!! and he is so strong….he will be crawling before we see him again…which i hope is in sept!!! you guys will be needing roller skates before y’know it! love your blanket…even recognize some material in it…well done! tell eric he is a good dad…can tell indy likes hanging with him. are you going hiking again soon? hiking and a picnic…now that you have a blanket!! thanks for the pics and the indie update…..love, nana

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