The Difference

It’s amazing what a difference a few days can make in the life of a baby.  Indie discovered jumping on Saturday.  All the sudden he figured out how to kick his legs while standing to bounce off the ground.  On Friday he has not figured this out.  Yesterday he rolled over from his back to his tummy.  It’s so amazing watching how happy he to just jump and be a little in control of his environment. He had already been rolling over from his tummy to his back previously.  He’s gotten very good at sitting up with only a little support.  He’s constantly pulling forward trying to sit up whenever we hold him.  I have a feeling this one is going to be an early mover.



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3 responses to “The Difference

  1. Deanna

    Just wait until he’s doing Pete Townshend windmills.

  2. bernadette hoyt

    yeh…i’ll think he is spiderman in no time at all!! oh i can’t wait to see him again!!!

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