Love, Travel and Chaos

I live a very busy life.  I have a 4 month old baby boy, Indie, who is the sweetest.  I have a fantastic husband, Eric, who is a stay at home dad and raises our sweet baby boy.  I have two dogs, Mr. Big and The Cheat, that are adjusting to their new life of being dogs and not the only baby boys in the house. I work a more than full time job of installing software that includes quite a bit of traveling.  Sometimes this makes me sad because I miss all my boys so much, but I do enjoy my job.

My main goal in life is to be as efficient as possible and get the most out of everything in life.  This doesn’t mean always being busy.  Sometimes it means getting the most out of a lazy afternoon with Eric and Indie.  Sometimes it does mean seeing how much cleaning I can get done on Saturday morning before everyone wakes up.

Most importantly the thing I love most in my life is my family.  I am discovering more and more how important my family is to me.  This blog will mostly be cataloging the events that happen within my family’s life.



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2 responses to “Love, Travel and Chaos

  1. bernadette hoyt

    hello out there….

    did find you here. will check out the surroundings and see if i land. xoxo

  2. Jayme

    You’re blogging now!!! So excited I can keep up with Indie on a blog. He’s such a cutie. Now that he’s getting a little bigger, let me know if you need a babysitter some night so you and Eric can get some alone time. I owe you one after you helped me out with wedding stuff last weekend.

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